Mercedes Benz Fashion Week: Mongol F/W 2015

On Friday the 13th, I attended the Mercedes Benz Fashion Week debut of the brand Mongol‘s Fall 2015 fashion show at Lincoln Center. The fashion house was started by Mongolian designer Bayarmaa Bayarkhuu in 2005.   The show started with a performance of traditional Mongolian music and live throat singing!

Her collection is inspired by traditional Mongolian costumes combined with urban casual. The colors, textures, and patterns were really a feast for the eyes.  

There were some brilliantly colored Mongolian lamb fur lined outerwear, and cashmere pieces (cashmere being a special material from Mongolia).  Bold colors such as turquoise, amethyst, sapphire, and emerald accentuate the raw materials used, keeping the essence of Mongolia.
I was coveting the intricate Mongolian accessories and headpieces that were made of silver and beaded with gems and stones.

From a distance this looks like large green dots, but up close you can see they’re actually Asian symbols.
BB uses Mongolian raw material in over half her collection, as Mongolian nomadic traditions play a large part in their culture.  Bayarmaa sees herself as a citizen of the world, as her brand MONGOL so celebrates.


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