Cadiveu Plástica dos Fios “Hair Plastic Surgery” Treatment

Brazil is the land of special treatments including plastic surgery for beautiful women and keratin treatment for smooth hair. So it makes sense that Cadiveu, a well known Brazilian Hair brand  was offering bloggers a chance to experience Plástica dos Fios (Hair Plastic Surgery)  which de-frizzes your mane to get hair that is as smooth as glass. Plástica dos Fios is the perfect customizable solution for those who want hair as straight as they want.


I got to experience the treatment and was very happy with the results, which is supposed to last two weeks.  My hair was smoother and shiny, and soft to the touch.
Screen Shot 2015-07-11 at 12.27.57 AMA before and after photo with Super stylist Rocco Barbetto who did an amazing job styling my hair!

First my hair  was rinsed to lower the PH so it would absorb the treatment.  Then the treatment was combed through my hair.  I noticed that it did not have any strange chemical smells and had a really pleasant scent.   My hair was wrapped for less than half an hour and then rinsed and blow dried.  You can also purchase the Plástica de Fios shampoo to maintain the smoothness.


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