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Spa week NYC: BioXage Spa at the Roosevelt Hotel Review

I recently visited the newly opened BioXage Spa located at the Roosevelt Hotel (45 East 45th Street) for a complimentary massage during During Spa Week you can book full services for a discounted price of $50 at this luxurious spa.  My masseuse Alex led me to a small room with gentle instrumental music playing.  He began by asking me if there were any particular spots I needed special attention or if I had any injuries. He did an excellent job for 40 minutes and kneaded away the knots in my muscles.  I almost fell asleep and felt super relaxed afterwards. The spa has a plush seating area and the staff served me organic tea and a platter of fruits and nuts.  This was such a soothing massage.  I recommend visiting the spa especially if you are in midtown.  The spa also offers facials, manicures and many other services.  Visit for a full menu of services.


IMG_9912 (1)

Relaxed after my massage!

IMG_9939 (1)

Owner of BioXage Spa.
Head Cosmetologist and Spa Manager


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