American Museum of Natural History ¡Cuba! Exhibit

I recently attended the press preview for the ¡Cuba! Exhibit at the American Museum of Natural History (will be on view through August 13, 2017).  It was fascinating to learn about a nation that has been closed to the rest of the world for so long.  The exhibit did a great job of presenting the people, culture, natural biome, and art.  It’s definitely worth a visit and has put Cuba on the map of places that I’d love to visit.   See below for some of the highlights for me!

One of the first things I learned was that Cuba is an archipelago made of up more than 4,000 islands.  One can imagine the diversity in plants and animals.


The literacy rate of Cuba is 99%.  Amazing!  However, 100% of media is government owned. img_6149

A vintage car from Cuba.  Cubans had to be resourceful in keeping their old cars like new buy creating their own car parts when their cars broke down.  I think that’s something our modern culture should do instead of constantly throwing away things for new products. img_6151

Since Cuba is made up of so many islands, it hosts a plethora of fauna and flora.img_6153img_6176img_6173IMG_6156.JPG

I was drooling over this Ajiaco (beef stew).  This looks so realistic but it’s actually a replica.img_6168img_6167img_6163

Cuban cigarsimg_6160


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