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Summer Bubbly: Comsi Comsa Apple Crisp Sparkling Wine

Do you like champagne? Do you like apple cider? You'll love Comsi Comsa Apple Crisp Sparkling Wine!

It’s been a hot and humid summer in New York City, so I was happy to try Comsi Comsa Apple Crisp Wine by Sauvage. This unique sparkling wine is crafted from the juice of dozens of apple varieties sourced from Upstate New York farms and fermented with wine yeast. The distillery, located in Oneonta, NY follows the traditional method used by the French champagnes, giving the wine a flavor that is a little bit like bubbly and a little bit like cider. Comsi Comsa, which is French for “Like this, Like that.” is the perfect name for this drink.

Comsi Comsa Sparkling Apple Wine

I shared Comsi Comsa at a barbecue recently and received a lot of good feedback. I really enjoyed the wine; it is super refreshing, with just the right sweetness and a hint of tartness. It tastes of juicy, fragrant apples and the alcohol barely registers even though it is 12% apv. A friend who doesn’t drink much alcohol really liked it as well. It’s under $20 and is a perfect chilled fruity beverage to sip during the summer (or any season)! Comsi Comsa Apple Crisp is all natural, gluten-free and kosher. Visit the Sauvage website to find the location nearest you to purchase.


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