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Greek Women Winemakers Dinner

I recently attended a special dinner and tasting of Greek wine at Hudson West Kitchen + Craft Bar in NYC. Sosanna Katsikosta of Acheon Winery, Katerina Bosinakis/Bosinakis Winery and Theodora Rouvali/Rouvalis Winery joined forces and are promoting their wines from the Peloponnese Region of Greece.

I sat next to Sosanna, the head winemaker of Acheon Winery and she kindly explained to me how the wines were made and the meaning of the wines I tasted. The first wine I tasted was the Iron Sideritis in Amporae, made from 100% Sideritis variety. It was a light and refreshing, very drinkable dry white wine. The second wine was Icon R- Skin Contact which is 100% Roditis Fox, had an interesting orange color and a unique taste and excellent served with seafood. Third was the Laura Nobile which was a delicious dry red wine paired with steak. Finally the Fairytale, a fragrant semi-sweet rose wine which is 90% Muscat and 10% Mavrodaphne. All were excellent and retail for less than $20.

Sosanna Katsikosta is the Head Winemaker of Acheon Winery. Founded in 1946 in Aigio, Achaia, the company with the long family tradition in wine, was undertaken by the third generation of winemakers, Sosanna and her brother Luke, at the turn of the millennium, in 2004.

Peloponnese peninsula, located in the southmost section of continental Greece, is one of the most well-known areas of vineyard cultivation in the country since antiquity. References of wine production may be found in signs of the 2nd millennium BC with special notes on Dionysus, ancient Greek god of wine. Peloponnese features the most vineyards, the most wineries and
produces the greatest number of registered types of wines than any other wine producing area of Greece.

Today, she is meticulously working on the varieties of Roditis Fox, Sideritis and Mav-
rodaphne cultivated in the regions of PGI Achaia and PDO Patras creating wines of unique identity.

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